Slewing bearing with 2 droid wheels and banana gears

Slewing bearing with 2 droid wheels and banana gears

Finally found an all Lego solution for using the hail fire droid wheelsin a large heavy duty slewing bearing.

Earlier I used the same droid wheels and a “ball cage” consisting of wedge belt wheels together with  non Lego parts. The banana gears were not yet available by that time.

The configurations of yellow banana gears ( Technic, Gear Rack 11 x 11 Curved, 24121), pins with pinhole (15100) and wheels (56902) acts as the ball cage in a real life ball bearing.

It runs perfectly on the inner rim of the hail fire droid wheel.


The lower part of the bearing consists of a simple frame that holds the droid wheel by means of 4 vertical axles. In the middel a turntable is fitted, the upper part of which holds a liftarm, which is used to keep the upper and lower part together. The gear rings on the turntable are not used.


Upper and lower part fitted together by means of the liftrm throuch the center.


Here the upper part is topside down, showing the driving gear.


It runs very smoothly as can be seen on the video below.