Slewing bearing with 1 droid wheel

Slewing bearing with 1 Hail Fire Droid wheel

This is a heavy duty slewing bearing using only Lego parts.

Because the gutter in droid wheels is too deep for any wheels I posses when using two of them I decided to give this a try.

The lower part of the bearing consists of a frame on which the droid wheel is centered by means of 4 axles fitting between the ridges on the outer diameter of the wheel..

Below you see the upperpart, topside down.

The wheels run on a flat table, consisting of bricks. The turntable in the middle serves to keep both parts together.

Two 24 tooth gearwheels run in the toothed inner rim of the droid wheel. One is driven, the other idles and helps keeping both parts centered.

The photo above shows both parts assembled, upside down.

The bearing runs very smoothly and can take a lot of load.