Bucket wheel excavator

Bucket wheel excavator

This is scale 1:100 model of the Krupp 288 bucket wheel excavator.

These machines work in the open pit browncoal mines in the German Rhineland, near Aachen.

This is what it looks like in reality, 220 m long, almost 100 m high and a weight of 13.500 tons.

The Lego model is driven by 13 motors and has infrared remote control.

It has 12 tracks, each pair of them driven by an XL motor. Even with a very big reduction, these 6 motors can hardly set the thing in motion.

The bucket wheel. The model has 12 buckets while there are 18 in reality.

Here the product falls from the buckets onto the first conveyor belt.

The first conveyor runs along the length of the digging boom.

It ends in the center and the coal or overburden drops on a conveyor which is in the undercarriage.

Here the product comes out of the undercarriage and is transferred onto the discharge boom.

The discharge boom rests on a separately driven and steered vehicle.It has 3 tracks and the model is driven by 1 medium motor. It is used to keep the discharge above the conveyor belt that runs along the length of the mine, to the power station, or in case of digging overburden, to the opposite side of the mine, where the sand is redeposited.

The digging boom is hoisted up and down by 2 winches, which are located at the end of the counter boom. From here the hoisting wires run to the top of the stationary tower.

The wire is looped multiple times between the stationary tower and the moving tower, which is 1 part with the digging boom.

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