Keppel Fels N-Class jack up drilling rig

Keppel Fels N-class jack-up drilling rig

This is an approximately scale 1 : 100 Lego model of a Keppel Fels N-Class drilling rig. This rig is of the jack-up type, meaning it can lower its 3 legs onto the sea bottom and then travel upward untill the hull is well above sea level. The drill floor and the derrick are placed on top of a cantilever, which can be moved aft so that the drillfloor will be away from the hull, above the sea. The cantilever is moved in and out by huge hydraulic cylinders. The drill floor, with the derrick on top can also be shifted, from port to starboard and vice versa. In this way the derrick can be positioned with great precision above the location where the drilling will start.


The model

Below some of the details are shown.

The derrick and the aft crane.

Port aft leg, anchor winch and power generation radiators.

A crane with a gripper is used for handling tubulars.

The helicopter deck, life boats and living quarters.

The cantilever drag chain.

Spud can at the lower end of a leg.

This is a view in a leg recess, with the leg removed. The lower gearwheels are my own invention to to travel along the leg toothed racks. In reality the jacking motors are on the jackhouses, here in grey color. The real rig has two toothed racks on each corner of a leg and 6 motors per leg corner.

I managed to make the typical diamond diagonals using cross axles and no. 4 and 5 connectors.No video of the finished model.

Some video of various functionality:

Testing the jack-up system long before the model was finished.

Testing the movement of the cantilever. The derrick (grey) is only partly completed.

3 thoughts on “Keppel Fels N-Class jack up drilling rig

  • 17-01-2022 at 12:38

    This is amazing. How can I go about getting one like this to add to my collection?

  • 19-01-2022 at 21:50

    Try to get hold of a drawing, then get your Lego bricks out and start building! A lot of trial and error will get you there.

  • 23-02-2022 at 23:54

    Looks fantastic

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