Slewing bearing 150 mm diameter

Slewing bearing 150 mm diameter

This bearing was constructed for my new project, a lemniscate crane. Because I did not want to build as huge as the previous project (Bailey crane, scale 1:20), I could not use Hailfire Droid Wheels as a slewing ring. Having decided for scale 1:30, I needed a slewing bearing with a diameter of appr. 150 mm.  This is what I came up with:

The basis is an ordinary Lego Technic turntable. To the lower part a stiff table is attached, consisting of 2 layers of Technic bricks, fitted crosswise on top of each other, with tiles (blue) in way of the rollers. The rollers (gray) are fitted to an octagon shaped cage, which is connected via the multicoloured construction, to the upper part of the turntable.

All the black parts below the turntable will be the octagon shaped crane pedestal (circular in reality) and the rotating part of the crane will have to be atttached to the part above the rollers.The upper part is driven by a medium PF motor, through a reduction.

The slewing bearing seen from below.

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