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This is an approximately scale 1 : 100 Lego model of a Keppel Fels N-Class drilling rig. This rig is of the jack-up type, meaning it can lower its 3 legs onto the sea bottom and then travel upward untill the hull is well above sea level. The drill floor and the derrick are placed on top of a cantilever, which can be moved aft so that the drillfloor will be away from the hull, above the sea. The cantilever is moved in and out by huge hydraulic cylinders. The drill floor, with the derrick on top can also be shifted, from port to starboard and vice versa. In this way the derrick can be positioned with great precision above the location where the drilling will start.

Here is one in reality:

And the Lego model:

Below some of the details are shown.

CAM00908The derrick and the aft crane.

CAM00910Port aft anchor winch.

CAM00911A crane with a gripper is used for handling tubulars.

CAM00913 An emergency escape chute (red) a bulk loading station (white) and the exhaust stack.

CAM00919 The helicopter deck.

CAM00935 The cantilever drag chain.

CAM01030 A spud can at the lower end of one of the legs.

CAM01035 This is how the model was supposed to travel along the legs. The total weight of the rig however was far too great (26,5 kg). Even with 2 XL motors driving each leg, through a double worm reduction the jacking motion failed. Gears broke, and the annual model fair, where the model had te be exhibited, was approaching rapidly, so I finally abondoned the idea that my rig had to be able to jack up.

CAM01039 This is a view in a keg recess, with the leg removed. The lower gearwheels are my own invention to to travel along the leg toothed racks. In reality the jacking motors are on the jackhouses, here in grey color. The real rig has two toothed racks on each corner of a leg and 6 motors per leg corner.

CAM01047The truss constructiondetails of the legs. Here the high visibility red and white leg part in way of the heli deck.

CAM01045 I managed to make the typical diamond diagonals using cross axles and no. 4 and 5 connectors.





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